5 ways to stand out when wearing a trench coat: do’s and don’ts

  •  Mood: the best dressed in your office

New year, new you? Maybe not entirely, but you could definitely surprise your colleagues (when you get back to the office) with a bold new trench coat that will surely make all other coats jealous.

Do: Add a poplin shirt to a classic pair of leather pants and pair the outfit with a black trench coat. The perfect look for when you want to stand out without breaking the rules.


  • Party look 100% complete

We kinda have the tendency to only focus on the outfit we’re gonna wear at the actual party while disregarding the overall look with our outwear on. Since 2021 doesn’t seem to be the year with too many inside clubs open, we should definitely take care of our party outwear to make sure we can attend the outside parties while being warm and stylish at the same time.

Do: Complement your flashy party dress with the trench coat that will help you get noticed in a sec.

  • Comfy, but make it fashion


Nobody wants to spend too much time getting ready for running errands all day. We throw on some random hoodie, we put on our sneakers and we’re ready. Still, wouldn’t it be great to be able to make a fashion statement even on the days when we’re not in the mood for creating stylish outfits?

Do: Pair up your hoodie and sweatpants with a stylin’ trench coat to feel put-together in just a sec. Your long day ahead should feel a bit more thrilling.

  • The 2021 mademoiselle

Getting that Parisian and feminine look is the easiest when you have a statement trench coat that will effortlessly complement any glam outfit. This kind of look will never go out of style and can be worn on any date night or formal evening.

Do: Match a pair of stiletto to your favorite dress and match the outfit with a trench coat for an elevated and modern mademoiselle look.

  • The most feminine masculine look


Women in suits are undoubtedly bold and sensual. Wearing a smoking suit is clearly a powerful statement, so the outwear matched to such an outfit cannot be neglected.

Do: It is safe to say that you can wear your smoking suit with a modern trench coat anytime you want to escape the classic feminine precious look.



  • Don’t believe the myth that short girls shouldn’t wear long coats. It’s like saying short girls shouldn’t wear long dresses. Just make sure to choose one that doesn’t drag on the floor.
  • Oversized or just not your size? Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that if your coat feels too big it can go as an ‘oversized’ item. Some general key rules to make sure your coats fits your proportions are:


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